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Daniella, JoAnn Carter

When Harrison Beckman meets his father’s secretary, Daniella Duncan, she’s shy and self-conscious. Harrison, however, is determined to get to know her better. Before he gets to do that a rival comes along to steal Dani’s heart as quickly and thoroughly as the company’s contracts, which have been disappearing. As the mystery unfolds, Harrison has to fight for the woman he loves, even though this means crossing swords with his father and his determined adversary. Will Harrison be able to find the love that could await them or will it be too late?

Short excerpt:
Harrison took the folder from her extended hand. Her hand seemed so small, and he had the strangest desire to protect her from whatever inner battle she was fighting. “I’m sorry. I know you’ve been with our advertising firm for quite a while now, but until today, I’ve never met you.” He added with a smile, “Forgive me, I’m horrible with names. What’s yours again?”
Her eyes grew wide. With a nervous catch, she said, “Daniella Duncan.”
“I like that name. May I call you Daniella?”
She shrugged. “Everybody calls me Dani.”
“I think I prefer Daniella.” Still studying her face, Harrison added, “Somehow, Dani doesn’t seem to fit you.”
“Oh, Dani fits me all right. It sounds short and fat.” Her hand clamped over her mouth, and her eyes grew even wider. Harrison’s heart nearly broke when she asked, “Did I really say that out loud?”
It had been drilled into his head since he was a boy never to talk to women about two things: their age and their weight. Now, what should he do with this hanging hot potato? Ignore it. “I didn’t hear anything if you didn’t.” He tried to continue with the previous introductions. “Everyone calls my father Mr. Beckman, so I go by Harrison.”
“Okay. I’ll try to remember that.” Daniella seemed to have reached her limit; she looked like a cat being chased by a mouse, desperate for escape. “Um, I really need to get back now, so...”

Marianne Evans says, “Daniella is a tale of hope for every person who has ever doubted themselves - for any reason. "Daniella" affirms the truth that love sees beyond all things - and that God, and the man of her dreams, love her just as she is, and without condition.

There's suspense here as well - corporate intrigue and machinations that keep the pages turning, yet never lead the reader away from a wonderful romance. I love the fact taht the hero, Harrison, who is handsome and successful, is completely attuned to a God Daniella seeks - but not with a fullness of heart and belief. Further, she doubts Harrison would ever be able to see past her size to the heart beneath. But he does!

I strongly recommend this heart felt and heart warming romance from the skilled pen of JoAnn Carter.”
Carol Ann Erhardt says, I love books where I can associate with the heroine. Daniella captured me from the very first page. Remember how cruel classmates can be when you are young? Can you remember one time when something stuck in your head and began to undermine your self-confidence? I can. And so could Daniella.

Daniella has top notch secretarial skills and a caring heart. She works hard, loves her job, but is caught in her own insecurities. Cast her in a room full of executives, including the boss's son, Harrison, and she tries to disappear into the decor. Secretly, she has a crush on Harrison, who is smart, handsome, and grounded in his faith. When work circumstances join these two on a major project, Harrison is determined to learn more about his new assistant. She's very capable, smart, and pretty. Why is she so shy?

Enter Maxwell, who flirts openly with Dani, and lavishes her with sweet words. His persistence opens her lonely heart. Harrison is leery of Maxwell, but is his distrust based on jealousy?

Daniella has everything you'd want in a book. Romance, suspense, and a journey of faith. I loved it!!!”

Why JoAnn Wrote Daniella:
While in the middle of writing this story, I heard the song MIRROR MIRROR by Barlow Girl on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics, it hit me how many women like Dani, (the heroine in DANIELLA) struggles with self-image.
As the plot develops, and Dani comes to the realization God loves her the way he made her. I had to be honest and ask myself, "Do I believe that?" It’s easy for me to nod my head while I’m writing this, but it’s another story when I’m standing in one of those dinky changing rooms try to find a bathing suit for the summer!
Accepting myself is sometimes is a daily struggle. In the same way this story has challenged me, as you experience Dani growth reading this book, it’s my prayer that it will draw you closer to God as well. (If you’d like to hear Mirror Mirror, click onto this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZgq8pA-ipY&feature=related )

Looking for discussion questions? Check out: http://www.whiterosepublishing.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=10:daniella-discussion-questions

You can also access a free two-week devotional to go along with the theme of this book by going to my web page: http://home.comcast.net/~jo.glenncarter/site/


Author Bio :
... about me
Some people seem to be born with a pen in their hands and have written for as long as they can remember. That’s not the case with me. In fact if my Jr. High teacher’s knew how much I enjoy writing now- well, lets just say I’m sure they would get a kick out of it.
... my family
In 1996 my husband (a Youth Pastor) and I discovered we were going to have our first child. I knew as I stopped working as an LPN and transitioned into motherhood, I’d be home alone many nights. It was then, without ever having tackled anything like it, I wrote my first manuscript with the desire to encourage others as I have been.
We now have four boys ages 9-14 and reside in beautiful Vermont.
... my work
I love to write when I can grab the time. I’ve learned so much and find that everyday I’ve more to learn. It’s my desire to be a blessing to others and that my readers faith would be strengthened by the characters and lessons learned through the stories I write. On the side, I read and write reviews for Christian Ministries, Inc. These reviews are aired on The Light and the Wave radio networks. I also enjoy speaking at schools and our local libraries. To learn more about my writing ministry, please go to http://home.comcast.net/~jo.glenncarter/site

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