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Beyond Summer, Carie Lawson

Zane has a theory in life: Beautiful women are more trouble than they're worth. So when he's coerced into spending the summer with the very beautiful Carly as his nanny, he expects the worst. But she changes his opinion, one good deed at a time. Until he gets a little too close and finds out his beauty queen is nothing more than a liar and a thief. Theory proven.

But the pretty liar has two little girls who've stolen Zane's heart. He's going to have to wade in and untangle the mess Carly's made of her life for her daughters. Can Zane ignore the theory Carly's proven, forgive her, and accept that beauty is sometimes more than skin deep?

In order to make enough room for his shoulders, Zane put his arm on the pew behind her. "Thanks for, uh, smoothing things with Leah."

She appreciated his discomfort. "No problem. If you'd told me you'd planned a date with the Sunday School teacher, I'd have made excuses to Anna and Brie."

He shrugged. "It wasn't a date. We're just going to service together."

Carly leaned forward and eyed the end of the pew. Her eyebrows raised. "She's not going to fit, Zane."

The corner of his lip kicked up. There was a spark of the old Carly again inside of her. It was good.

"I'm meeting her for the next service." Zane explained.

Now she was confused. "Is it a different kind of... service?"

"No." He shook his head.

Enjoying his rueful grin, she said, "Two services, huh? You must've been bad this week."

The old man on her left smothered a chuckle behind his hand. Zane cut a look at her. "Who'd have guessed there was so much sass behind your spit and polish shine."

Carly studied her fingernails during what she imagined would be the final prayer.

Immediately following, the crowd started moving like a group of ants around the big room, lining up to get out the door. Zane stood and took a step back. If there hadn't been so many people swarming, she could've managed to get out without touching him. As it was there was no way, so she might as well give in to temptation.

Her hand touched his waist as she moved past him and she tossed her hair back. It had been a long time since she'd flirted, but he more than deserved it for making her stand there with the lovely and perfect Miss Leah while he explained away double booking them. She tilted her

chin and looked up into his face. "So, two lessons today on humility for the man who never makes a mistake. Maybe this really was heaven sent."

His hand went to her arm, not hard enough to hurt, but tight enough to capture her there longer than she'd planned to be. Someone bumped into her from behind and then she was trapped against him.

His eyes were hard as he looked into hers. "Don't kid yourself, Carly. I'm anything but perfect."

Carie Lawson has done another marvelous job with this edition of the Twisted Roots series. I LOVE the McCords! ... Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed with a Carie Lawson book!!! I would highly recommend Beyond Summer. It can be read as a stand alone but for a richer experience I would recommend you read Beyond Africa first. A thank you goes to the author for providing me with this complimentary review copy! Great Job Carie!!! Can't wait for Beyond Ever After!" -- Love 2 Read Novels Blog

"Okay, Carie Lawson has become a favorite author of mine. This is her second e-book in the Twisted Roots Book Series and I have loved both stories! I am afraid I didn't get much done, because I just wanted to sit and finish this story - I really liked it!.. This story was just all around good. I can't wait to read the next one in this series! You won't be disappointed when you read this book!" -- Judy Glidden - That's a Novel Idea Review Blog

"Carie has done a superb job of developing her characters and their situations. You are drawn into the book, and become a part of the families. This is one of those books that I didn’t want to put down! It was worth just a few hours of sleep to finish the book. I highly recommend this and also the first in the series, “Beyond Africa”. You won’t be disappointed." -- Janet's

Why Carie Wrote Beyond Summer:
When I wrote Beyond Africa, the intention was always to have four books in the Twisted Roots. Zane appeared at the end of Beyond Africa to give his brother a helping hand. He was quiet and mysterious, and I knew that telling his story was going to be fun. Because he had such an attitude I wanted him to have this softer side, which really came out in his interactions with his own son and Carly's two girls. More than that, Beyond Summer is really a story of redemption. Left to our own devises, without God's help, we tend to make a mess of living. Only by obeying the Lord and searching out His will allow Him to start unravelling the messes we make in life.

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Author Bio:
Carie Lawson home schools her four kids, drives the soccer van --- complete with dirty socks and McDonalds bags scattered throughout --- and tries to sneak away to her computer whenever possible to write. She is an active member of a local writer's group, Middle Tennessee Christian Writers, and received third place in the North Texas Romance Writer's Great Expectations contest in the Inspirational Romance category.

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