Sunday, January 1, 2017

When The Snow Comes, by B. J. Robinson ~ a review

 Romance, Holiday


Right from the beginning, the author gets inside the characters and shows what they long for, what has broken their hearts. Amber Brooke Paige and Adam Cameron Baker both think the other didn't take their love and their engagement seriously enough. And so the engagement was broken and they went their separate ways. Amber, now a nurse, has inherited her aunt's Victorian house and come home. When he tells her he wants to buy her aunt's house, she refuses to sell, determined he won't get her house. In this story southern settings are described perfectly and with charm.

I loved the way the author wove the book's title into the story. Amber knows Adam is the love of her life. She won't chase him, but she so desires to have a life with him. So she vows, "“When the snow comes, I’ll find a way, Lord willing.” If you love a delightful southern read with a heartwarming romance, I highly recommend this one.

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