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Historical Romance

Alexis thought she’d never love again until Reese Armstrong made her want to live.

Reese Armstrong never thought he’d fall for a belle or any other woman after what happened to him. He stood staring after the buggy as it rolled away, dust flying from beneath the wheels. His heart went out to the young woman, but she sure was a feisty one. Would she always hate all Yankees? He hoped not. Those haunted blue eyes showed passion and love for the husband she’d lost and her beloved South. He felt a twinge of envy race through his heart. To be loved like that. 

Left with nothing but a war-ravaged plantation after the invasion of an ocean of blue, would Lexie find trust and faith? A young widow has to learn to let go of the past to claim a future.


TIP:  Tell us something topical, interesting, or something we wouldn’t expect about the writing of this novel?

B.J.:  Houmas House Plantation and Gardens is the lovely home used for the cover. It is the Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road, refurbished with twenty-one rooms on thirty-six acres on the Mississippi River not far from New Orleans, Louisiana. It offers visitors a unique, historical glimpse into the world of the Civil War era through what was once Louisiana’s largest sugar cane plantation. Tours are available in Louisiana’s Plantation Country on historic River Road.

TIP:  If this novel is part of a series, tell us about the series.

B.J.:  This is the first novel in the Azalea Plantation series covering the siege of Vicksburg. Reese and Alexis are brought together in this one, but must soon part again when he is called to fight in a different location involving Sherman’s March to the Sea. In a third novel, Azalea Plantation will be restored. Will Lexie be left to do it alone, or will Reese return to help her?

TIP:  Can you give us a sneak peak or preview into the next work in progress (WIP) you’re working on? When do you expect to release it?

B.J.:  I’m working on the second novel in the Azalea Plantation series titled Azalea Plantation, and it will be released during February. Below is a short sneak preview:

 Suddenly, there was a banging at the door. “Oh, I’s so sorry, Mrs. Lexie, but dat Sherman man is here.” 
Lexie sat straight up in bed as Reese opened his eyes and rubbed them. Her heart hammered. The man promised Reese two weeks to honeymoon. What was going on? 
Reese sat up, slid off the bed, and pulled on his pants and shirt. He bent and kissed her. “Stay here. I’ll be right back. Promise.” 
“Oh Reese, he wouldn’t come to the house unless he planned to move out.” Lexie pulled him down for a kiss and clung to him not wanting to let him go. 
Reese returned her kiss and held her just as tightly. “He promised me two weeks, and I aim to have it. Let me see what he wants. Maybe he’ll let me meet him later.” Reese yanked on his pants, threw on his rumpled shirt without bothering to button it, and drug himself out the door. 
Lexie stared at the door her new husband had exited hoping one night wasn’t all they’d have together before duty called him to leave and continue fighting a war that never ended.


            Her heart hammered, but she made herself open the door to meet the surge of ocean in the form of men in blue uniforms as they rode down the lane of oaks. Dust settled. Mosquitoes swarmed when she stepped into the light of the veranda. A shiver raced down her spine as she crossed the wide battleship gray deck, stopping at the top of the steps between two huge white columns.
Lexie squared her shoulders as she raised the shotgun. It was up to her, but she knew she couldn’t shoot them. She’d put on a good show and hope and pray it worked.

Her gaze fell upon the first soldier, but her eyes riveted and fastened on the officer. She heaved a heavy sigh. Her fragile arms could barely hold the heavy gun, and she had no clue if she could fire it if need be, but prayed it would be enough to detour the enemy. That’s when she saw him. That man Reese from town. That blasted Yankee. What was he doing here? How dare he invade her plantation!

A forage cap covered molasses-colored hair that tipped the collar of his coat. He tipped the leather visor, and she noticed brass numbers, but was too nervous to read his regiment across the top of the cap. Tall leather boots said he was an officer since only officers could afford them. She couldn’t shoot him, could she? But, he and his kind had killed her Luke. Still, she didn’t want to kill anyone unless she had to. She should be able to pull the trigger without even thinking about it, but his eyes beseeched hers as they caught and locked.

Her arms grew tired holding the heavy gun, but she lifted her chin, tucked the gun into her shoulder, and aimed it straight at his chest. “You are not welcome here. Get off my plantation.”
B. J. Robinson, award winning author


  1. I look forward to reading this series. Great cover. B. J. Robison certainly knows how to weave a great story--love her novels.

    1. Thank you so much, Rita. The second one will be coming soon!

  2. Any news on the release of book 2? I'm anxious to see what's next in the story!

  3. Book 2 is out and titled Azalea Plantation, and Book 3 will be out shortly to complete the entire set of Azalea Plantation books.