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Nurtured in Purple by Jude Urbanski

Inspirational Romance/Women's Fiction

NURTURED IN PURPLE...One man. One woman. Bent on avenging personal vendettas. Another man. Another woman. Wanting to only be God’s salt and light.

NURTURED IN PURPLE continues the now-married love story of Seth Orbin and Kate Davidson of JOY RESTORED, but nemesis' Willard Wittenberg and Elizabeth Koger come center stage, still pursuing personal vendettas against the Orbisn.
Seth again faces potential loss of wife and child with Kate's life-threatening pregnancy complication while Willare maneuvers to ruin Seth's business. Willard and Elizabeth marry, but her flame for Seth hasn't died. Late-blooming love finds Ninville and Margie while new characters, Ruby Moody, alcoholic wife of a deceased Vietnam vet, and she small son Bobo are introduced. Can Seth and Kate, modeling God's grace and forgiveness, be salt and light to those in desperate need?

   Willard sat on a high stool and leaned into the counter at Arkley's bar. His glass of beer stood before him. Arkley's had the distinction of being the only bar at the Static junction. It proved a comfortable fixture and he'd just dropped in for a quick one, before heading to Elizabeth's house.
    He couldn't help overhearing Arkley talking to Ruby Moody, who had just come through the door. He knew Ruby was a Vietnam widow, had a small son and a drinking problem. Many folks shared this knowledge.
  ''Ruby, now what are you doing back here again? You know you've had enough and besides, I can't give you any more credit. Anyways, where is Bobo? You need to think of your little son, child." Arkley Asbury pushed a dingy looking cloth back and forth across the chipped countertop, but looked Ruby straight in the eye.
      ''Aw, Grandpa, you know I'm all right. Just give me another pint of that there and I'll be sure to bring you the money on the first." A wobbly Ruby pointed to a pint of vodka on the shelf. "The cheap brand. Yeah, that one." She gripped the ancient counter with one hand and raised a shaky finger.
      Arkley shook his head, but moved to get the bottle from the shelf.
      ''Girl, I understand the need for another drink from my own messed up days, but this here is the last one I'll give you. Hear me now?"
      He stuck the bottle into a brown paper sack. ''Now get on home with you, Ruby."
      ''Obliged, Grandpa." She took the bag and stuck it under her arm to hide it. ''You know I always call you that. You're like a kind, old grandpa I never had." She turned to leave.
      Willard held the door for Ruby as she struggled down the single step from the wooden porch. Bobo rose from the wooden step and took her hand, leading her to their old car, which was parked to the side of the tavern, off the road and back in a clump of trees.
      He caught Bobo's words without even trying. Ruby's slurred responses were as equally audible. Willard winced and felt glad he was the only one around to hear.
      ''Ruby, you know you need to be sobered up by tomorrow when you talk to the Orbins about the job, don't you? Can you do that?"
      Without waiting for her answer he said, ''Come on, I got us some bologna sandwiches for supper. We can eat outside the car on those stumps there"
      ''Ah, Bobo, the Orbins just had a new grandchild. They probably won't even remember me tomorrow. Bet they've already forgotten all about that interview."
      ''That may be, but we're going to be there at ten o'clock just like we said we'd be."

Author Bio:

Jude Urbanski writes women's fiction featuring strong inspirational romance elements. She invites you to stories of heroes and heroines who spin tragedy into triumph with help from God. First published in nonfiction, Jude now has two electronic novels, THE CHRONICLES OF CHANUTE CROSSING series, offered by Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a columnist for Maximum Living, a magazine focusing on spirituality and wellness for women. Jude has a Master’s Degree in Nursing. She is a member of national and area chapters of American Christian Fiction Writers and National League of American Pen Women. Jude and her husband live in Indiana.

Why did Jude write NURTURED IN PURPLE?
NURTURED IN PURPLE is a sequel to Joy Restored in The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing Series; I had toyed with the idea of a sequel, but didn't want to really pour my heart into it- until my publisher suggested it! Then, I actually found I came to love these flawed characters in book two.

Purchase Links:  NURTURNED IN PURPLE will release June 11th in the meantime you can find the author...
Author website: http://judeurbanski.com/

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  1. Hey Nike! Thanks for the promotion. Nurtured in Purple speaks to anyone in need of God's mercy. I fell in love with the flawed characters of Willard and Elizabeth.