Friday, February 3, 2012

Tickled Pink To Recieve A Sweet Nomination

This blog was nominated for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by the Cuffe Sisters. Sadie and Sofie's debut novel Arrow That Flies (ebook, Desert Breeze Publishing) was showcased here last October. You can check these incredibly sweet sisters out at their blog, The Cuffe Sisters.

The rules for the Irresistible Sweet Blog Award are: put the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award badge up on your blog, thank the person/blog who nominated you, nominate at least ten other blogs and contact them to let them know, share seven random things about yourself/your blog. Here goes…

Ten Nominees for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award…

1. Faith, Fiction & Friends [The musings of a bunch of friends who happen to be Christian fiction writers)

2. Inkwell Inspirations [One of the few blogs that does backlist promotions]

3. Edgy Inspirational Romance [Joy and Serena love all kinds of romance, especial stories with a bit of bite]

4. The Grace Awards [A reader driven faith-based literary awards]

5. Donna B. Snow a/ka/ Donna Basinow [R is for Romance]

6. Christine Lindsay [Fiction that matters]

7. April W. Gardner [History, fiction, a little of this-a little of that]

8. Karen Baney [Christian romance and historical fiction, and just good reads]

9. Tracy Ruckman [Faith, books, connections]

10. Pola Muzyka's Stonghold Smashers [Defeathing strongholds that keep us from God's blessings.]

Seven Random Things About The Inspiriational Ebook Blog:

1. The blog was started by Shawna K. Williams waaaay back when.

2. Nike Chillemi was brought on as an assistant moderator in 2011.

3. Both Shawna and Nike write for Desert Breeze publishing company.

4. The purpose of the blog is to showcase the best of Christian fiction in ebook format.

5. The blog has showcased authors who write for major publishing companies, small press, and even those who self-publish.

6. The blog showcases all genres of Christian fiction, only criteria that it is out in ebook.

7. Christian themes of the books we showcase may or may not be prominent, but the novels must be considered to be faith-based/inspirational.


  1. Cute award and great list of newbies for me to check out. Thanks! :O)

  2. Congratulations on the award, Tracy. I'm enjoying checking out the links. Blessings, BJ Robinson

  3. Thanks for the award Nike and Shawna! We love ebook authors at Edgy Inspirational Romance and the offer is always open to do a guest post!

  4. This has been a fun award to do.

    It's wonderful to pass around the Love and while doing it help a lot of blogs get more notice.