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Reservations for Two, Kinzie Monroe

Widower’s Maggie O’Brien and Carson Jennings are both on a journey to rediscover who they are. Maggie, an adventurous former pastor’s wife of thirty-nine years, hopes to find closure in the place she and her husband spent their honeymoon. Carson, a retired judge, is living his lifelong dream of traveling across the U.S. in his RV. When their paths cross in the tranquil setting of Mason Springs, New Mexico, love is the last thing that either of them expects to find.

Maggie waited until she saw the man go inside the café before she left the gift shop. She’d noticed him watching her after catching a glimpse of him in one of the windows. She knew she was probably being overly cautious, that he was more than likely just as curious about her as everyone else had been, but Joe had always taught her to be careful of her surrounding. A pastor practically his whole life, he knew better than most of the evil lurking in the world.

Maggie climbed the dozen steps and rested long enough on a park bench to slip on the roller blades. She’d gone no more than a few feet when a group of teenagers rolled past her, forcing her to slow her pace. Suddenly a large dog darted in front of her, followed by a young woman racing to catch up. Maggie struggled to regain her balance, but to no avail. Within seconds she found herself on her backside, staring up at a familiar face. She quickly recognized the silver haired man as the same one who had been watching her only a short while ago.

With an amused expression plastered across his face, he knelt down in front of her. “You look as if you could use a hand.”

She was about to accept his offer, but then reconsidered. “Thank you, but I think I’ve had all the exercise I can stand for one day,” she said and reached for the laces of her skates.

“Then please, allow me.”

Maggie watched as he removed her skates. He was even more handsome up close, and despite the air of authority his voice resonated, the light blue polo shirt he wore over white shorts reeked tourist. “I know I must look ridiculous.”

He tossed her a gorgeous smile. “On the contrary. And I like your socks.”

She laughed, suspecting he was only being kind. “They were a gift from one of my granddaughters.”

He laid the roller blades to one side and helped her to her feet. At well over six feet, he towered over her five-foot four-inch frame. “How many grandchildren do you have?”

She met his expressive blue eyes and answered cautiously, “Seven.” She couldn’t help but wonder if he’d been following her. The news was filled with horror stories about lonely old women who were taken advantage of by smooth talking gentlemen after their life savings. She almost chuckled at the thought. If he was one of them he was going to be aw-fully disappointed.

“I only have one,” he offered freely of himself. “I’ve been hoping for more, but since I only have one daughter who seems more interested in her career than a family, it appears I’ll have to be happy with just the one.”

“One is better than none.” She bent to pick up the roller blades, but he beat her to them. “Thank you for your help.” She waited for him to hand the skates over, but he just stood there looking at her with a goofy grin on his face. “I should be going.”

“Of course,” he said and handed her the roller blades. “Uh, listen…if you aren’t doing anything for lunch I’d be honored if you were to join me, my treat of course.”

She smiled at his offer. Though tempted, she decided to air on the side of caution. “Thank you, but I’m afraid I can’t.” After all she’d just met the man. Despite his charming demeanor she didn’t know him from Adam. He could be a serial killer for all she knew.

“I’m Carson Jennings by the way,” he said as if reading her mind.

She shook the hand he offered. “Maggie O’Brien. Thanks again for your help, but I really should be going.”

“It was a pleasure, Maggie O’Brien. Perhaps we’ll meet again under more pleasant circumstances.”

Readers Favorite gave Reservations for Two Five Stars!
This book held my attention from beginning to end. It left me wanting to read more of Maggie and Carson’s adventures. Perhaps the author will take the hint and make this into a series.

Miss Lynn's Books & More gave it 5 Stars!
This was such a soul searching book and Ms. Monroe wrote it with just the right amount of drama, and romance to keep the readers attention. The characters stand out and blend well together. As Carson and Maggie share their faith and depend on God for their strength to see through the storms, we also see family life, how little things can either bind a family closer together or drive them apart. This is a book that will keep your attention from the beginning to the end and leave you wanting more adventures in the life of Carson and Maggie. Recommended for all readers of the Sweet Romance Genre.

Why Kinzie wrote this Book:
This book is very special to me, as it was inspired by my former Wednesday Night Bible Study Class. This lovely group of ladies and gentleman (I'm not forgetting you Ray) taught me the true meaning of a close walk with God. They accomplished that, not so much in words but in their actions and the way they lived their lives. This book is dedicated to them as my way of thanking them for their inspiration and guidance in my life. They have all been a true blessing to me!

Author Bio:
Kinzie Monroe is the alter ego of suspense author Anne Patrick. Kinzie, you might say, is the lighter side of Anne. Anne’s books may be darker in subject matter, but they all carry messages of hope and faith. Together they’ve penned over a dozen novels that are either published or under contract, and their works continue to garner four and five star reviews from both readers and reviewers. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Anne/Kinzie now makes her home in Kansas.
To learn more about Anne/Kinzie, please visit her website: http://annepatrick.weebly.com/index.html or blogs: http://www.kinziemonroe.blogspot.com, http://www.suspensebyanne.blogspot.com. They love to hear from their readers!

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  1. Thank you for posting this lovely story. It sounds sweet and gentle, just what the doctor ordered as a positive read.

  2. Aw,I really loved that excerpt. And I don't blame Maggie. In this day and age, ALWAYS err on the side of caution (but, of course, we know Carson turns out to be a doll!)

  3. Hi Evie and Miss Mae! Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, you should be careful. But life would be boring if you NEVER take chances :-).

  4. A beautiful excerpt. I do love HEA stories and this story is a gem that's going on my tbr pile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is from Laurean Brooks. (She had trouble posting so I'm doing it for her.)

    "Anne, (Kinzie) I love the sound of this story. Sure would love a chance to win the book. landtbeth@yahoo.com

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  6. Thank you Sherry and Laurie!

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  7. Aw...It sounds so good!
    I loved the expert!

  8. It's so refreshing to see romance for the young at heart.