Thursday, July 8, 2010

Destiny's Designs, Regina Andrews

Everything fits together neatly in Lisa Machon's well-ordered world until the dashing Neil Lamont sails in, creating an unsettling torrent of adventure and emotions which cause her to question everything about her life - even her faith. Lisa has carefully designed every detail of Innovations, her Newport, Rhode Island interior design firm, from the chintz window treatments down to the plush carpeting on the floor. Control has been the objective in her personal life, too. Until she meets the sailor Neil Lamont, a man who doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Little does she know that he is not as fancy-free as he appears. They are united only by their mutual affection for Countess Lamont, Neil's mother, and destined to go to great lengths to bring her happiness. Through faith, will they see that Lord is really in control of our lives? And will faith open their hearts to their love for each other?

But you have showered me with blessings, Lord, none of which I deserve. How am I to best serve you?

Silence. Once again, the answer she hoped to hear from God did not arrive.

She sighed, starting to print copies of her lecture notes for her students. She gasped and jumped up when Neil burst into her office.

He held the door wide open and knocked on the frame, shaking the clapboard shop. "Anybody home?"

Lisa shook her head. "You'll huff and you'll puff... but you can just come in. Good morning."

"You tell me what's good about it."

He closed the door behind him, then ran his hands through his tousled hair. Lisa noticed his broad his palms and strong fingers. His ringless finger...

Oh, Lord! I do not need a distraction named Neil Lamont!

Destiny's Designs is a delightful story that whisks readers from New Port Mansions to European resorts, as they follow the careful Lisa Machon and carefree Neil Lamont on their adventure to find a priceless treasure -- and find out who's trying to destroy the Lamont shipping dynasty. In all of their searching, will they find each other?

This is a quick, inspiring read that left a smile on my face. The underlying theme is about letting go of the course we plot for our lives, and allowing God to steer instead. I especially enjoyed the story's descriptive settings and eccentric characters. You will too. --
Shawna K. Williams

Why Regina Wrote this book:
"There have been times in my life when I wanted to be the one to let God know how things were going to work out. Go ahead and chuckle, because it is so funny and foolish - God is the only one who is ever in control! I wrote Destiny's Designs to explore the questions of faith, control and freedom in our lives, and to hold up a mirror to the faith in my heart. In doing so, I realized that true faith requires the courage to "Let go, let God," for only then will the joy of God's love fill us as He means it to. Also a key component to me was an examination of the themes of status, society and wealth; for at the end of the day, no matter how much we may have materially, it's our spiritual connections with each other and with God that illuminate us and bring meaning into our lives."

Author bio
A resident of Providence, Rhode Island, Regina graduated from Providence College . She attended the University of Delaware Graduate School, eventually earning her Master's Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. She is inspired by the seashore and the song of the birds... anything to do with nature. She and her husband enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod. As a volunteer for In-Sight, Regina assists her visually impaired neighbors in many ways, particularly through her radio broadcasts. Her hobbies include Travel, Museums, Theater, Classical Music, Choral Singing and Gardening. She and her husband just welcomed a new addition to their family, a calico super-cat named Tiana, whom they adopted from the Potter League Animal Shelter in Newport, RI.

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