Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspirational Ebooks Will Become 'The Inspired Pen'

On November 1st, Inspirational Ebooks will not be making any huge changes in format, but it's name will change to 'The Inspired Pen'.

As The Inspired Pen the blog will remain a place to showcase traditional Christian, Biblical fiction, and fiction with a Christian worldview. It will also showcase realistic, and/or gritty and edgy Christian novels, as well as values imbued, family friendly stories and those novels that edify, take an ethical stance, and have a strong moral to the story. The Inspired Pen will showcase not only ebooks, but print books as well.

In other words, The Inspired Pen will showcase fiction of value and worth.

Although The Inspired Pen will not regularly feature reviews, we will from time-to-time have guest reviewers telling us about a novel they think is superlative and should not be missed.

We will also at times venture into other aspects of the written word and comment on exceptional nonfiction works as well as noteworthy television shows and movies.

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